Death By Morning

Luna ran towards the Great Hall, dodging spells flying all around. She was terribly frightened. The screams of all the innocent, and not so innocent were almost forcing her to tears. Seeing the bodies writhing and dying on the floor were almost too much for her to bear. All around her catastrophe was breaking loose, but where was he?  Is he okay?Luna wondered to herself. It killed her to not know where he was. Was he among the bodies that Luna so consciously stepped over? 

So many questions ran through her head that she forgot where she was. But she continued to run through the corridor, past the curses and over the bodies, and finally after not watching where she was going, tripping over one of them. Pushing herself off the floor, a pair of very large feet casually strolls up towards her and stops at her body. Luna looks up. A death eater,she thinks. He removes his mask with a smirk and reaches for his wand. Run, her instincts tell her. So, naturally, she listens and bolts away from him.

Luna runs as fast a she can, looking behind her every so often, watching the death eater as he chases after her. She blocks his spells and often dodges ones that aren’t aimed at her. “Stupefy!” she calls and sends the death eater flying down the corridor. But Luna keeps running until she reaches the Great Hall. She skids to a stop at the sight of his face. His brown hair, and a cut on his forehead, forcing blood all down his face. 

"Have you seen Luna?" he shouted at two students, Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter. They mumbled something Luna couldn’t quite make out. She strained her ears to hear what he said next but someone shouted over him. "Alate Ascendare!" the voice shouted and instantly Luna was sent flying back and high into the air. Her life flashing before her eyes. Her mum singing her to sleep, The Lovegood picnics, her mum’s death, her first train ride to Hogwarts, being sorted into Ravenclaw, meeting him for the first time and being locked in the Malfoy’s dungeon. She relived it all in seconds and then it was over.

Just darkness. Complete darkness. Silent and peaceful. I must be dead, she thought. I’m dead.She strained her eyes to try to see what wasn’t there. There was nothing there. Just the morbid colour black. I’m dead,she repeated to herself. It’s not bad, though. Quiet. Peaceful. No one can bother me here.

The realisation of her death was just settling in when a faint whisper crept into her thoughts. “Luna,” the voice said."Luna," it repeated. It was his voice. Neville."Luna," he continued. I’m sorry, Nev,Luna thought, I’m sorry. I left you, I’m sorry.But Neville didn’t listen. “Luna, wake up. Please wake up,” he pleaded with her. But there was nothing she could do…

What am I doing? she asked herself. Luna wasn’t one to give up, so why should I give up now? ”Luna!” Neville shouted. Wake up, Luna,her instincts told her. So, again, she listened. There was suddenly a swirl of colours, dizzying Luna in the instant they came. A slight shaking came soon after. The shaking just became stronger and stronger, just like explosions. If Luna weren’t already dead, these constant explosions would be sure to kill her now. The swirl of colours became brighter and more distinct, and the shaking did not stop. 

What was once the swirling colours was now a blurry image of a boy, shaking her awake. Although she could not identify the boy, she had a very strong feeling of who it could be. She blinked again and again until the image become more clear. She was right. It was Neville. He looked down at her with hopeful, teary eyes and when he realised she was awake, he held her close and tightly.

"Neville," she croaked, "You’re bleeding." Luna weakly reached toward his forehead and wiped the blood from his brow. He blushes darkly and he lightly touches her shoulder. "You are, too," he croaked out in a similar tone. They sat in silence for a few minutes while Luna’s head slowly stopped spinning. He stood tall in front of her and pulled her to her feet. He looked down and stared into her beautiful eyes.

Neville glanced behind her and went wide eyed. “Run!” he shouted and pushed her in front of him. Luna looked behind her and does what she’s told. She runs as fast as she can with Neville trailing behind her. A fire emerges from a corridor, engulfing death eaters and students alike. It’s moving fast, faster than they can run. Neville blocked spells from the both of them and pushed her down another corridor just in time for the fire to engulf that same hallway they were just running down.

Neville takes a minute to breathe, and looks at Luna to make sure she’s okay. He finds her backing against a wall. “Neville, look out!” she shouts at him just before he hears someone yell “Crucio!” 

Neville writhes and screams in pain. Tears run down his cheeks and the bleeding from his forehead only worsens as the torturing continues. He drops his wand and the death eater only cackles loudly. Luna quickly stumbles for his wand. “Petrificus Totalus!” The death eater freezes and falls to the floor. Luna stuns the other death eater then crawls over to Neville.

His face has been contorted and stretched with pain. She lays his head in her lap and strokes his hair as she hums a light tune, trying to get Neville to calm down. She looked at her surroundings for a way out. There is none. They’re trapped. Luna doesn’t panic, though. She’s with him. She feels safe. Like nothing could go wrong. She smiles down at Neville lightly as his panting softens and is replaced with his normal breathing.

"We’re trapped, aren’t we?" Neville asks. Luna only nods to answer his question. She sits in silence for a minute before saying, "You were looking for me before." Neville nods. "And I found you."

"Why?" she asks. Neville blinks in nervousness. He hesitates before answering, "I needed to t-tell you something. B-But it’s pointless now."

"Oh," she pauses. "What was it?"

"I… needed to tell you… that I’m…. mad about you, Luna."

She remains silent but a small smile creeps upon her face. “I figured I should tell you because, well, I figured we’d be dead by morning,” he finishes.

"I like you, too, Neville."

Neville blushes and smiles awkwardly. “C-Cool.” Luna smiles slightly as Neville grabs his wand, “We’re not trapped, I dunno why I didn’t think of this before!” He stands shakily and positions himself in front of the rubble piled high to the ceiling. He points his wand and yells “Bombarda Maxima!”

With a loud boom, the rubble explodes, creating an opening. Neville grins with excitement and pride at Luna and pulls her out back into the battle.

The war rages on. Spells, curses and hexes separate the two. Dawn soon approaches as Luna sits in the Great Hall, helping with all of the injuries and causalities and consoling friends and family’s. She glances at the door as she sees an injured Neville Longbottom hobble into the room. “Excuse me for a moment,” she says to Percy Weasley. She rushes over to an injured Neville Longbottom and offers him her shoulder. He gladly accepts it and Luna leads him over to a bench.

"What happened?" Luna asks worryingly. Neville sits on the bench and elevates his ankle and gestures towards it "I think I broke it." Luna frowns and rolls his pant leg up. She examines it and shakes her head, "Just a sprain, don’t worry." She wraps it in tape and kisses it. "All better," she smiles and walks away to the Weasley family again.

Neville hobbles out into the hallway. He began wandering around, thinking about the day’s events. Neville saw Oliver Wood struggling to carry a young boy; only 16 years old; Colin Creevey. Neville’s heart sank. The small, muggle born boy he knew was gone. The one who loved taking pictures. His friend. He hobbled quickly towards Oliver, “Need some help?” he asked with tears in his eyes. Oliver nods, and Neville quickly takes the other side of Colin.

He was light, thin. The two began to carry him towards the Great Hall with the rest of the bodies- no, not bodies, Neville thought. Not bodies, my friends. My family. 

"You know what? I can manage him alone, Neville," Oliver stated, letting Neville walk off again. Oliver scooped Colin up and walked into the Great Hall. Neville leaned against the frame of the door and wiped his forehead. I must look so bad, he thought to himself. Neville then decided to recover more bodies, to see who else he had lost. How many more funerals would he have to attend? How many tears will he shed? How many people lost their family?

The questions ran through his mind as he set off down the stairs. He hobbled along until he found another body. It was a death eater. Should I leave him here? Neville wondered. He shook his head and crouched down to pick him up when he heard his name, “Neville.” It was Harry.

Neville jumped at the sound of his name, “Blimey, Harry, you nearly gave me a heart failure!” Harry pulled off his cloak. “Where are you going, alone?” Neville asked with a suspicious look. 

"It’s all part of the plan. There’s something I’ve got to do. Listen- Neville-" Neville interrupted Harry with fright in his voice, "Harry! Harry you’re no thinking of handing yourself over?" Harry shook his head, "No. Course not."

Neville should believe Harry. Why shouldn’t he? Harry’s his friend, isn’t he? But why did Neville get the feeling like Harry was lying? Why was his gut feeling telling him to not believe him? Neville shook it off and decided he believed Harry.

"I might be out of sight for a while. You know Voldemort’s snake, Neville? He’s got a huge snake… He calls it Nagini."

Neville nods, “I’ve heard, yeah. What about it?”

"It’s got to be killed. Ron and Hermione know that, but just in case they-" Harry looked worried for a moment but continued on. "Just in case they’re- busy- and you get the chance-"

"Kill the snake?"

"Kill the snake," Harry repeats.

Neville nods. “All right, Harry. You okay?”

"I’m fine. Thanks, Neville." Harry started to walk away, but Neville grabbed his wrist tightly. "We’re all going to keep fighting, Harry. You know that, right?"

"Yeah I-" Harry stopped suddenly. Neville watched him for a moment, waiting for him to finish his sentence. He realises Harry’s done speaking and shrugs. Neville pats him on the back and hobbles off to find more bodies. Stop calling them bodies, Neville. They’re your friends- were you friends.

He continued this for the next few hours. He counted a total of 16 bodied that he carried. A few were his friends. Lavender Brown, Fred Weasley, both gone. He felt so bad for George. He lost his best friend. He felt so bad for Dennis, as well. He lost his brother. Their best friends. What if Neville had a brother? How would he feel? It’s probably the worst feeling in the world.

Neville began to grow tired so he made his way back to the Great Hall. The sun had still not risen yet. He sat and spoke to Ron and Hermione about the snake. About how to kill it. He got a few ideas from them, then he sat down with Luna. Almost asleep now with his head rested on a table, when a loud, hissing voice boomed around the castle.

"Harry Potter is dead. He was killed as he ran away, trying to save himself while you lay down your lives for him. We bring you proof as that your hero is gone," Voldemort said with amusement in his voice.

"No… It can’t be…" Neville mumbled to himself. The rest of the Great Hall began to mumble in fear and suspicion. Could Harry really have left them? Neville had seen Harry before… Was that when he was running away? It couldn’t have been.

Voldemort’s voice continued to echo over the grounds, “The battle is won. You have lost half of your fighters. My Death Eaters outnumbered you, and the Boy Who Lived is finished. There must be no more war. Anyone who continues to resist, man, women, or child, will be slaughtered, as will every member of their family. Come out of the castle now, kneel before me, and you shall be spared. Your parents, children, your brothers and sisters-” at this, George looked at his family. What went through his mind?

"-Will live and be forgiven, and you will join me in the new world we shall build together."

Silence filled the castle. Neville could see the faces of his loved ones contemplating Voldemort’s proposal. Neville couldn’t speak for the others, but he knew he would keep fighting even if it was the last thing he did.

People began to stand, exiting the Great Hall. Why would they just give up like that? And then, Neville saw Luna stand and leave. Luna… He quickly exited and followed her. He wouldn’t let them hurt her. He wouldn’t let anyone else die.

Everyone now exited to see Voldemort and his army stand outside of the entrance hall. Neville squinted to see Harry lying there in Hagrid’s arms. Tears immediately flooded his eyes. “NO!” screamed Professor McGonagall. Her scream was of a sound he had never heard before. Bellatrix laughed maniacally on Voldemort’s side. Merlin, I hate that women. 

Cries from all around him at the sight of Harry’s mangled body shattered his heart. Luna was crying at his side. And Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were all screaming. That caused almost a riot as people screamed and hollered at the Death Eaters. 

Voldemort tried to repeat his false story about Harry sneaking off, but Neville couldn’t allow it. No.

Neville dove toward the Death Eaters with his wand. He sent a Death Eater flying back, but he was stopped. Neville screamed and hit the ground, hard. His wand was thrown to the ground. Slightly frozen, Neville stared up at the snake like face. But he still struggled to get to his feet. Don’t give up, his instincts told him.

Voldemort was now speaking to him. Neville found himself talking back before he could stop himself. But it felt good, “I’ll join you when hell freezes over,” he shouted. “Dumbledore’s Army!”

The crowd responded with a cheer. But the rest happened in a blur. His body froze, and then he couldn’t see. He could hear a very large commotion, but he couldn’t do a thing about it. What was happening?

Neville broke free of the curse that bound his body, the Sorting Hat falling off of his head and then he saw it. The Sword of Gryffindor House. The snake, thought Neville, kill the snake. He yanked the sword out of the hat and instantly sliced the head off the snake. And every eye seemed to be on Neville. 

Then everyone started to yell for Harry. Harry? Where was Harry? Neville thought. But that all of a sudden didn’t matter. He saw Luna, fighting a Death Eater. He quickly ran towards her and covered her. Protected her and fought as the battle raged on.

A Death Eater separated them again, and Luna and Neville searched desperately for each other.

Finally, after looking for what it seemed like ages, he found her, battling along side Cho Chang. Cho screamed as she was sent flying onto her back, knocking her out instantly. The Death Eater now started for Luna. Neville tackled him and wrapped his arm around the Death Eater’s neck. The man fell to the ground and Neville stood in front of Luna.

They stared at each other for a minute or two. He then reached for her, taking her face in his hand and put his lips to hers. He kissed her passionately and hungrily. Like he’s been wanting do to this for years, because, well, he has. And to his surprise, she kissed him back. A loud explosion separates the two who are blushing like mad. But they run towards the courtyard. 

And then they watched. They watched as Voldemort dueled Harry. Neville’s heart pounding every second. Luna praying for her friend. They watched Voldemort’s curse backfired. Then he was dead. Just like that. And it was over.

Neville goes back to retrieve more of his friends, and some who were not. He brings them back to the Great Hall and they count the causalities. Almost a hundred dead. Innocent or not, this many people should not have died today. 

Neville grew tired. He sat alone on the floor in the middle of the Great Hall. He started to relive all of the events of the battle. How unnecessary this was. How it could have been avoided. And how thankful he was it was over. Luna slowly crossed the room and sat next to Neville in awkward silence. He smiled at her. Thankful that she was alive. 

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It’s Not Forever….

Depression. It was a funny word, but it meant one of the most horrific feelings a human being could ever feel. It was also a new feeling to George Weasley. George pondered the thought of being depressed and officially decided that he was. He sighed at the thought. He had never been depressed before in his life. He was always so cheerful, even about the loss of his ear. George was one of those few individuals that looked at the brighter things in life, never the darkness. But there was nothing bright about this week. Sure, they had won the war against Voldemort, but the loss that came with this victory was just too strong. He had lost his best mate, his partner in crime, his other half, his twin brother, Fred Weasley.

George was distraught over the loss of Fred. Seeing his brothers mangled body on the ground and his lifeless eyes staring up at the ceiling made him want to off himself, too. He just wanted to be with Fred, no matter what the cost. He craved the sound of his brother’s voice, his laugh that usually joined in with George’s. Whenever he left his bedroom, which was now one bed empty, he always hoped that Fred would be just downstairs in the kitchen with mum and dad. But he wasn’t. He had even begged (which was rare for George) for the resurrection stone from Harry. Although Harry hated seeing George lost like this, Harry had to deny him his request. Remembering the Tale of the Three Brothers his mum has read him so many times when he was a boy; he had no choice but to let it go.

You have to get up, Georgie; George thought to himself, you have to get out of bed today. Today was Fred’s burial. And although Arthur, George’s dad, wasn’t allowing George to attend the funeral, he was still determined to try and convince mum to let him go. He had to say goodbye, but his parents thought that it would be too painful for George. And they were probably right.

George finally removed the covers from his body and stood up. He looked around at the room. It was so empty. Fred’s things had been moved into storage to be sorted through another day. His bed was removed from the room, but you could still see the slight shadow in the floor from where the bed once was, from where Fred had once slept…

George slowly got dressed all in black. He hated the colour black, so he added a bright red bowtie, the one Fred had once owned. When he was finished getting ready, he walked downstairs to find the Burrow empty. He searched the house to see if anyone was there, which there weren’t. He settled in the kitchen with a piece of toast and realized there was a sealed envelope lying across from him.

He looked around already knowing no one was there to watch him. He reached across the table and pulled the envelope towards him only to find that was addressed to him. Georgie, it read. It was written in Fred’s handwriting. George’s heart nearly stopped and he dropped the envelope on his plate. The envelope opened on its own and floated in front of George’s face. The envelope was now, in the only way to describe it, in the shape of a human’s mouth. It paused for a moment and began to narrate in Fred’s voice.

‘Heya, Georgie, It’s me, Fred. If I know you as well as I think I do, then you’re probably on the verge of a heart attack right now, and I just want you to calm down before I continue… Are you calm?’

George followed the instructions Fred gave him and breathed slowly through his nose, calming down gradually before Fred’s voice continued.

Good. Now, if you’re listening to this, it probably means some death eater offed me during the battle. Which is not a nice fate to come to, but it happened. This isn’t just one of those nightmares you used to get when you were a kid. It’s real. But I’m alright, at least, I hope I’m alright… How’s the family? Are they good? Are you taking care of them for me?’

George nodded in response to Fred’s question.

You’re not just moping around in our room being the lazy arse I know you are, right?’

George shook his head. Fred always knew him so well.

Well, what are you doing that for? Should I awaken from the dead and kick your arse? I hope I don’t have to.’

George laughed slightly at Fred’s morbid humor.

 Well, I can’t do that, but I hope I put a smile on that pretty little face of ours… Anyway, I’ll miss you, as much as I hate to admit it. That’s why I’m making this. I’ll be lost without you. And I love you, Georgie, so much. I really want you to know that.  And sure, we’ve fought, but that doesn’t mean we’re not brothers, right? You were my best friend. You will always be my best friend. And I better be yours or when you get here, I’ll kick your bloody arse. And hey, look at the bright side. At least mum can tell us apart now, right? No, not funny right? I thought so.

‘I’m going to miss all of the jokes we had. Putting spiders in Ronnie’s hair, putting fake bugs in Ginny’s food… Those were good times… But, we’ll have more of them. When you get here, I mean. It won’t be that long ‘til we see each other again, Georgie, don’t worry. It’ll go by faster than you can say ‘bambling bumbling band of baboons!’ And I’m not really gone, George. I’ll always be there for you when you need to talk to me. All you have to do is look deep inside yourself, and I’ll be there. All you have to do is look up. Or you can always look in the mirror and talk to yourself and pretend it’s me. You might look completely mental, but hey, aren’t you already?

‘I’ll never leave you, Georgie. I’ll always be your twin. I’ll always be your other half. Your partner in crime, your best mate. And you’ll always be mine. And, look, I’m getting all choked up right now. Do you see what you’ve done to me? Anyway, I should probably go now before I really start bawling my eyes and start looking for you. I love you, Georgie. Always, I promise. And remember, it’s not forever.

‘Your partner in crime, Fred.’

The envelope closed itself. George placed his head on the table and began to sob. He sobbed for about an hour straight. That was the last time he would ever hear Fred’s voice again. The last time he would hear his laugh. The last time he would hear Fred say ‘I love you.’ The last time he would have any contact with his brother at all. And it killed him. It almost killed him

Six months later…

Ron saw the last few costumers out the door, before turning the ‘open’ side to the ‘closed’ side of the sign. “You can leave, Ron. I’ll close up,” George stated. Ron grabbed his things, said his goodbyes and exited the shop.

George was alone. It was quiet. The whirring and the popping noises of the shop’s toys had died down by now. The loud shouting of kids and teenagers had finally stopped. And George was alone, except for the painting of Fred hanging in his office. Fred had just stepped into the painting with a giant smirk on his face as George walked into his office. Completely wiped out from his day, he collapsed in his chair and looked up at Fred. “I could really use a hand here,’ he complained to his brother, “I’m a wreck and all you have to do is sit there all day and make up lame ideas for new toys.”

“I’m dead, you git. Or did you forget?

“I didn’t. Trust me, I didn’t.” Just then, the sound of the bells from the entrance door rang. Someone had just entered the shop, despite the ‘closed’ sign on the door. “We’re closed!’ Fred shouted, hoping they’d leave, but they didn’t. George sighed and stood up. “Oi, are you deaf or just stupid?” he asked nastily as he walked out to the main floor of the shop “I said we-.” He stopped his sentence upon seeing himself in a mirror… Only… He wasn’t missing his ear… And this person was wearing different clothing. George’s heart skipped a few beats upon seeing this person.

“I’m not deaf, you git. You’re the one missing the ear,” this person exclaimed.

“Fred…” George mumbled, “Is that… really you?”

“Well, who else could I be? Severus Snape? Sorry, mate but he’s dead,” Fred smiled, but George only looked confused. “How- you’re dead, too.”

“Well, obviously I’m not dead. If I was dead, could I do this?” Just then, Fred picked up one of the super bouncy balls from one of the shelves and threw it rather hard at George’s head. But, Fred missed and George caught it. He looked down at the ball in his hand, stunned at what was happening.

George dropped the ball and stormed over to Fred and pushed him, “How dare you! How dare you pull something like this, Fred? I was devastated! For months I didn’t leave the house. For months I cried nonstop because I thought… I thought you were dead! And you think you can just show up here after all that and… and throw things at me?! Are you mental?” George screamed. Fred only stood there looking devastatingly guilty as George yelled. “I had no choice, Georgie,” Fred stated quietly, “I thought I was going to die for real.”

George backed off of his brother. He looked stunned at the pain and guilt in Fred’s eyes. “What d’you mean, Freddie?” Fred gestured that they go sit in George’s office, where they could talk.

As soon as the two brothers sat down, Fred began explaining at once, “The Carrows- they were after me. They were… frightened about something. I dunno what exactly, but they wanted me as bait. I only know this because Percy overheard them talking about me. They were going to use me to get to Harry. They were going to kill me, Georgie. I didn’t have a choice but to fake my death.”

George only looked more hurt. “And you couldn’t tell me? You couldn’t tell your own brother what you were planning?” George asked and Fred only shook his head. “I had to make it believable. If the death eaters had noticed you didn’t look hurt over my death, they would have known I wasn’t actually dead,” Fred explained. George nodded, finally understanding. “And you’re safe now? They’re not after you anymore?” George asked “I’m safe. I can come home now,” Fred answered with a smile on his face.

“A-And that letter? That was all part of the plan, too?” George asked shakily. His dream had come true, but not in the way that he wanted. “No. I really made that in case I was really to die,” Fred answered honestly. George only nodded, not knowing what else to say.

It was quiet for a few moments before Fred and George dove into a hug with each other. Both in tears, they didn’t let go of each other for a good while. Fred only mumbling, “I’m sorry, Georgie. I’m so sorry.” And George only muttering his forgiveness back

They finally released each other from their grips. George started laughing, thinking about how ridiculous he acted just minutes before their official reunion. Fred laughed, too, and for the first time, in months, both brothers were truly happy again.

“I reckon I’m still the better looking brother, even after all this time,” George laughed. “Not even if I really died, brother,” Fred laughed back.

They both returned to the Burrow where there was a small dinner celebration. The Weasley’s were reunited with the missing brother. Fred’s belongings were brought back into the room he had once shared with his brother, George. The twins did well in business and eventually both got married. All was well once again.

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Eight Years Later…

That kiss. That kiss was everything he dreamed it would be. Well, he didn’t dream it would be in the middle of a war, but the fireworks that kiss set off… Wow. He would have never had the guts to kiss her if Hermione hadn’t done it right then and there. Ron was filled with joy with the fact that she was so brave to always make the first move. He was content with Hermione wearing the pants in the relationship. And this didn’t rid him of his masculinity.

Harry yelled, ruining their moment and they ran towards the screams to help the others. Lights flashed in every direction from curses being shot from every corner. As they rounded the corridor, Ron, Hermione and Harry could see Percy fighting another man. Fred was there dueling beside him. And Fred began to joke with Percy when all of a sudden- BANG.

What seemed like almost a peaceful end to this battle was just a beginning to something even more terrible than the events leading up to this moment. Harry was flung back against the wall and into the ruins of what once was a Hogwarts corridor.

“No – No –no!” someone shouted, “No! Fred! No!” Ron kneeled beside Percy as he tried to awaken his brother, but nothing. Fred was gone. His eyes stared up at his brothers, completely lifeless, but the ghost of his last laugh still imprinted upon his face.

Ron began to cry when- BEEP BEEP BEEP, an alarm wailed suddenly, waking Ron from his repeated nightmare. He tried to force his eyes to stay shut. He tried to fall back into his slumber, hoping for a better dream, but he was tapped lightly on the shoulder by someone who was lying next to him. He opened his eyes to see his wife, Hermione Granger. Ron looked up at the smiling, frizzy haired girl he adored so much. He sat up to reach eye level with her.

“Good morning,” she said smiling. The smile was warm and genuine and filled with love.  But that smile soon faded when she saw that sad, worried expression on Ron’s face. She frowned and lifted her hand to caress his cheek in a comforting manner. “Did you have that nightmare again?” Hermione asked. Ron nodded gloomily and Hermione shifted closer to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked as she stroked his arm lightly. Ron shrugged sadly, “It always starts the same- perfect.  And I always know how it’s going to end, but I can never wake myself up. I can’t stop it.”

Hermione moved her position so she was looking straight into his eyes. “Ron,” she started with a loving voice, “I know it’s difficult for you to move on without Fred, but, being the cheerful man he was before he passed, he wouldn’t want you to continue to be miserable over this.” Ron nodded as she repeated the words she said every year on this date. It was the eighth anniversary of Fred Weasley’s death. She paused for a moment before continuing, “You have this dream every year.” And she was right. Ron had had this same dream each year since his brother’s death.

“I know… And I’ve moved on, but, when I see mum and dad and George and even Percy without Fred… It just triggers something… I dunno,” Ron whispered the last few words before kissing Hermione on the cheek. “I’ll be alright, don’t worry.” They sat there for a another moment in silence, letting the tension in the air fade.

Hermione leaned in to give Ron a good morning kiss, in which he turned his head, refusing. “Erm- morning breath. You might want to brush your teeth first,” Ron teased. Hermione frowned and flicked his cheek. Ron chuckled before Hermione released him of her grip and letting him stand to use the bathroom. She quickly followed suit and they both began to get ready. Hermione finished before Ron and she departed their bedroom and to the kitchen to make breakfast. Ron smelled the delicious food from upstairs. Bacon, pancakes, and eggs. Mmm, bacon, his favourite. He retreated downstairs to the kitchen and sat down with Hermione who was already seated at the table.

Ron studied her beautiful features as he ate; still not believing that she was his. He was convinced that his whole life after the war had been a dream and he was going to wake up at any minute. His life with Hermione was not perfect, but he was content with it.

He continued to eat, and he watched Hermione, who had grown an anxious look on her face. “Ron?” she asked as she put her fork down. Ron swallowed his food and put his fork down, too, thinking he was about to be lectured for the messy way he ate. “I have to tell you something and I’m not quite sure of how you’re going to react,” she said in a nervous tone. Ron grabbed her hand and held it tightly in his, encouraging her to continue.

She bit her lip, “Promise you won’t get mad?” He nodded and she finally continued. “Well, we’ve been married for a few years now, right? And well, usually, around our age, couples tend to… produce offspring…” she trailed off. “Hermione, just say what you want to tell me. I’m sure it’s not that bad,” Ron stated trying not to sound nervous about the news she was about to tell him. She shifted in her seat and breathed in a large breath of air, “Ron, I’m pregnant.”

He froze and stared at her for a good two minutes in silence. “Ron…?” Hermione asked worriedly. As Hermione said his name, a wide grin began to grow on his face, “Are you serious?” Hermione nodded, blushing a bit from the happiness that grew on his face. “Oh my- you’re having a baby.”

“We’re having a baby.” Hermione smiled. Ron stood up and walked to the other side of the table to where his wife was sitting “We’re having a baby!” Ron shouted happily and he pulled Hermione to her feet. She wrapped her arms around him as he did the same, lifting her off her feet and spinning her around.

Ron was ecstatic. He wanted to jump for joy. He was having a child with the girl of his dreams. A beautiful baby boy or girl. He had eight months to plan out his child’s life. Everything he wanted for it. He wanted to give them everything they wanted. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be a good father, but he was sure he was going to love this child for all of his life.

Saturday Jul 7 @ 01:18am
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